Episode 1: I Finally did it!

This first and very rough episode! Cornell explains the motivation behind the podcast, lays out the format, and other things you all can expect during each show.


Episode 4: Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man!

On this episode, I am joined by one of my favorite people, Luca Maurer!!! We unpack the recent decision made by SCOTUS in the Colorado Baker v Colorado Civil Rights Commission case!


Episode 7: crazy rich asians

On this episode, I sit down with my good friend BJ Siasoco to discuss the successful box office movie and the relationship between the Asian and Black community.


Episode 2: Progress, Oh progress, where art thou?

During this episode Cornell unpacks "progress". Have we really seen progress in regards to the social issues that plague our society? Cornell isn't so sure.



Episode 5: Happy Pride!

On this episode, I unpack pride month with my best friend Dirk Rodricks. We discuss what pride month represents, what it is missing, and what it means to us.


episode 3:Words Literally mean things!

On this episode, I am joined by one of my favorite people, Sharlene Ferrer! We discuss why word choice is important and why we are so passionately angry with Kanye's words about slavery. 



Episode 6: Growth Mindset?

On this episode, which should have been episode 5, I sit down with Alex Brown. We discuss the growth mindset as an intervention for marginalized groups. Can you guess what we think about it?